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Legacy Law Firm, LLC

"Helping You Build A Lasting Legacy From One Generation To The Next"

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Legacy Law Firm, LLC, in Sandwich, IL, is an Elder Law Firm serving North Central Illinois since 2009. We focus on elder law issues estate administration, estate litigation, guardianship, probate, and trust administration and advising.

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Sandwich, IL | Peoria, IL | Rockford, IL | Yorkville, IL | Fox Valley | DeKalb, IL | LaSalle, IL | Peru, IL | Ottawa, IL | Mendota, IL

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On 10/20/2023 Anonymous had this to say:
Dawn and staff handled our trust/wills with efficiency and expertise. She took into consideration our concerns having a blended family. I had an experience with my Dad and stepmom that made me concerned for my stepkids to be treated fairly. She addressed the concerns and our documents are now in order. Testimonial submitted anonymously directly to this site.

On 7/24/2023 Nikky H had this to say:
Dawn was very professional and easy to work with she knew what to do with my case after a review for continued disability income and wording to use Testimonial written by Nikky H on this site.

On 11/16/2022 MARK GREGORY had this to say:
Wonderful Local Talent, with a great staff.

On 9/27/2022 Carol C. had this to say:
We needed help for my husband to get on Medicaid. Dawn Weekly did excellent job. The results were positive. I have given Dawns name to the parents of another patient name at the nursing home. Where my husband is. I would not hesitate recommend , Legacy Law firm. Carol C.

On 2/16/2022 Deb c. had this to say:
My family is grateful. Legacy Law Firm LLC understood what we needed to do. Tying loose ends on our Father's will. Phone consult, informed us what we needed to bring with for the 1st visit. Walked us through it. 10 days latter we had an appointment to sign documents. Dad agreed. Documents signed. We left Dawn's office feeling relieved. We had finished what needed to be done legally. Thank-you Legacy Law Firm LLC. WELL DONE!

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Legacy Law Firm, LLC
410 E Church St Suite D Sandwich, IL 60548
Phone: (815) 570-2334
Fax: (815) 570-2328

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When you lose a loved one, you need an attorney to guide you through the court's probate process and to help you avoid the pitfalls. At Legacy Law Firm, LLC we will help you get through this difficult time. We have experience in Estate and Trust Administration and will guide you through each step of the probate process. Don’t miss a filing deadline or try to figure out Probate on your own. Call today to reduce your stress, uncomplicate your life, and get started with a staff member.


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